Poland 100 years

SOCT Copernicus among the most successful achievements of Polish businesses and science of the last 100 years.  

The combination of the excellent idea of ​​Professor Maciej Wojtkowski and the business talent of the founder and long-standing president of Optopol Technology, Adam Bogdani, led to the release of the world’s first Spectral Domain OCT.
Thanks to the President's visionary decision to invest in a promising idea by a young scientist, an innovative product was quickly implemented into production.  Not only was SOCT Copernicus many tens faster and had a higher resolution, but above all it started a new era in the diagnosis of the posterior segment of the eye. The launch of the Spectral Domain OCT technology fueled the company's quick development and led to the implementation of further innovative solutions. Today the company sells its equipment to over 80 countries on 6 continents.  
As Optopol Technology continues to pursue the development in the field of optical coherence tomography, it enriches the market with state-of-the-art solutions. The REVO NX manufactured by Optopol Technology is the world’s  fastest commercial OCT device. It is the only  Spectral domain OCT device which extends standard functionality with additional Axial Length measurement and Corneal Topography features. These unique features put REVO NX in the row of the most modern and innovative ophthalmic equipment of recent years.   
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Polish independence, the album publishing house BOSZ together with a  group of  authoritative authors representing various disciplines of science, culture and economy, has developed a unique, richly illustrated album presenting most successful achievements the entitled "POLAND 100 YEARS”