The new 8.0 version of SOCT software

We have released the new 8.0 version of SOCT software.

The key functionality of the new 8.0 version:
  • Biometry OCT
    • Measured parameters AL, CCT, ACD, LT
    • Full Auto and Auto acquisition modes
  • Angio Mosaic
    • Auto and Manual measurement modes
    • Automatic superimpose
    • Auto Mosaic Mode for 10x6 mm, 12x5 mm, 7x7 mm and 10x10 mm
    • Advanced tab allows to present at mosaic: Vascular layers, Enface, Depth coded and Thickness maps
  • 3D - Vitreous & floaters visualization
  • Improvement in pupils detection in cases: mascara eyelashes and dilated pupils
  • Others – detailed info in Information Note