New PTS software

The new software release 3.1 is the first “one-for-all” release. This single release runs on all PTS models and shares most of functionality among them.

The PTS 3.1 software introduces new functionalities. Worth mentioning are:
  • HFA import – import of HFA results into the PTS database. Unlimited and user friendly access to past HFA results with possibility to reprint (any result), compare and follow-up (10-2, 24-2,30-2 Threshold, FASTPAC, SITA tests results)
  • TOP strategy -  known from Haag-Streit Octopus perimeter for rapid thresholding of central VF. It offers extremely short test duration (1.5 minute for 24-2 test field) with good estimation of VF. This strategy is available for PTS925W and PTS2000.
  • Unique TOP+ strategy – a variant of TOP strategy which utilizes knowledge about nerve fibers layout and correlation between testing locations. Provides better evaluation of glaucomatous defects in VF in the same extremely short time (1.5 minute for 24-2 test field). This strategy is available for PTS925W and PTS2000.
See the presentation for more details.
HFA, SITA, FASTPAC are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc
Haag-Streit and Octopus are trademarks of HAAG-STREIT HOLDING AG