The new 9.0 version of SOCT software

Optopol Technology has released the new 9.0 version of SOCT software.

The key functionality of the new 9.0 version:
  • Corneal Topography
    • Topographic analysis of Anterior & Posterior surface
    • Real power analysis base on both surfaces and local cornea thickness
  • OCT Angiography - analytical tools
    • FAZ – Foveal Avascular Zone tool
    • VFA - Vascular Flow Area tool
  • OCT Angiography - most complete set of views
    • Overall and Detailed single visit view
    • Both eyes analysis
    • Comparison of two visits
    • Progression of four visits
  • Advance Retina & ONH view
  • Projection Artefact removing algorithm, Enhance mode, RAW functionality, Quality Index
  • Views for Retina Radial (Both, Comparison, Progression)
  • Improvement of the 3D view, BMO markers recognition, epithelium mapping
  • Additional 4k screen resolution
Detailed information for existing customer available on a request. Contact local Optopol representative and ask for Information Note.