The new 9.5 version of SOCT software

Optopol Technology has released the new 9.5 version of SOCT software.

The key functionality of the new 9.5 version:
  • New analytical tools for Angiography OCT scans
    • Angio Quantification Analysis – Density (Vessel Area Density) and Skeleton (Skeleton Area Density) for Superficial and Deep Layer in Retina scans and RPC for Disc scans. System provides Heat Maps  as well as sectors information.
    • NFA - Non Flow Area  measurement tool
  • STRUCTURE & FUNCTION - Combined glaucoma report. It compares in a natural way the anatomical relationship between VF exams 30-2, 24-2 from a new PTS devices and RNFL or 10-2 with a Ganglion maps from OCT.
  • The [Lock] function for fast & precise tomogram review in Both Eyes, Comparison and Progression views
  • Color Fundus functionality dedicated REVO FC device  
    • Central, Disc and Retina Color Fundus Image mode
    • Single Fundus photo views Color [x 1] or Separate Channels [x4] 
    • Full screen for Color Fundus photo images with  Color Channels, Brightness, Contrast manipulations
    • Both Eyes Color Fundus photo view
    • Comparison Color Fundus photo view
  • iTrackingTM which compensates involuntary eye movements and blinks for OCT A scans1
  • New functionality for Multi B-scan reports:
    • Multi B-scan printout is available for Both and Comparison tabs
    • Multi B-scan acceptance window allows to verify
    • Multi B-scan Output configuration and saving to file functions
  • Editable Disease list in the patient registration window
  • Anonymization personal information when exporting, saving or outputting data
  • Availability to define obligatory Patient data information’s
  • Improvements:
    • New context menu in full screen tomogram window
    • New pachymetry and epithelium maps in Anterior Radial scan
    • Auto fit function
1only for REVO NX 130
Detailed information for existing customer available on a request. Contact local Optopol representative and ask for Information Note.