Optopol team is proud to announce the creation of a new Ultra-Widefield OCT device which raises the industry benchmark once again.

The unrivalled scanning speed of 250 000 A-Scans  per second for greater image detail and shorter examination time ranks our device the fastest OCT in the world.
Not only is our new product incredibly fast, but it also leads the industry with the highest scan width of 18 mm.

The device now comes with the newly introduced SLO with field width reaching groundbreaking 60° for better quality IR/R/G/B imaging.

The widest single Angio OCT scan on the market means there is no need for combining scan mosaics.

Intended primarly for posterior OCT, the device also features the anterior segment examination, which further increases the versatility of the product.

The device now comes equipped with the industry-standard Eyetracking feature for better image quality and the reduction of examination time.
It  is the world’s first OCT to provide Biometry measurment capability, the B-OCT, which is what trully sets our product apart and marks a breakthrough on the OCT market.
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