Biometry OCT

B-OCT® Innovative method of using the posterior OCT device to measure ocular structure along eye axis.

B-OCT® provides a complete set of Biometry parameters:
  • AL          Axial Length
  • CCT        Cornea thickness
  • ACD       Anterior chamber depth
  • LT           Lens thickness

Verify your measurement visually
All measurement callipers are shown on all boundaries of OCT image provided by REVO. Now, you can visually verify, identify and if need be, make corrections as to which structure of the eye has been measured. With a simple cursor shift it possible to precisely set boundaries for every diffi cult patient.
From now on you can eliminate the common uncertainty as to how the optical biometer classifi es the boundaries in non-typical patients.

3 mm scan allows precise evaluation of the Retina condition.

5 µm resolution gives the highest level of details.

Dense cataract and high myopia

Retinal detachment

PPV and Macular Hole
*an optional software module to purchase