Comprehensive glaucoma analytical tools for quantification of the Nerve Fiber Layer, Ganglion layer and Optic Head with DDLS enable the user to perform precise diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma over time.

With the golden standard 14 optic nerve parameters and a new Rim to Disc and Rim Absence the description of ONH condition is quick and precise.

Advanced View

Advanced view which provides combined information from Retina and Disc scan to integrate details of the Ganglion cells, RNFL, ONH in a wide field perspective for comprehensive analysis.

Asymmetry analysis of Ganglion layers between hemispheres and between eyes helps to detect and identify glaucoma in early stages and in non-typical patients.

The REVO DDLS (Disc Damage Likelihood Scale) uses 3 separate classifications for small, average and large discs. It supports the practicioner in a quick and precise evaluation of the patient’s glaucomatous disc damage.

Complete Your Glaucoma Report

To eliminate the common problem of understanding the patient’s IOP, the pachymetry module provides IOP Correction value. With the implemented Adjusted IOP formula, you can quickly and precisely understand the measured IOP value. The Pachymetry and Anterior Chamber Angle Verification require no additional attachments. The predefined Glaucoma protocol, which consists of Retina, Disc and Anterior scans, can be done automatically to reduce patient chair time.

  * Images curtesy of Edward Wylęgała, MD, PhD