PTS 925W

Automated Compact Perimeter

Small. Yet Mighty.

The PTS 925W is our compact perimeter that packs a punch. It provides everything you need in our smallest footprint.

Device Description

The PTS automated perimeter series are modern diagnostic instruments for precise and fast testing of visual fields. Beside standard perimetry testing techniques they implement all of the latest visual field testing approaches saving time and deliver cutting edge precision and reliability. Intuitive software with powerful networking and EMR integration, combined with maintenance free and reliable hardware creates the best tools for visual field testing.



  • Complete set of standard perimetry tests.
  • Variety of threshold algorithms and screening techniques.
  • Binocular Driver’s Test, Flicker perimetry.
  • Complete palette of analysis tools for quick and thorough assessment of visual fields.
  • Comparison and progression module available in standard package.
  • Standard test reports and global indices.
  • White on white testing
  • Goldmann standard bowl
  • 170° horizontal and 110° vertical testing range
  • 30-2 , 24-2 and 10-2 testing fields.


  • ZETA™ Fast Threshold strategy – quicker examination without loss in result resolution.
  • 24-2 field tested in less than 3 minutes (30-2 in less than 4 minutes)*.
  • Provides more detailed information than screening strategies in comparable duration.


  • High resolution camera for precise monitoring of patients’ compliance.
  • Blink control – no stimuli are omitted due to normal blinking, test is put on hold until the eye is opened again.
  • Eye tracking – analyses pupil movement and assures supreme reliability of test results.
  • Voice messages assist operator and patient during the examination.


  • Rich library of predefined test fields and programs.
  • Custom test settings can be stored and accessed with a single touch.
  • Follow-up tests can be performed by simple selection of base examination.
  • Partial test results of not completed test can be continued at a later date.


  • Built-in networking features – data can be accessed from anywhere within your network.
  • Out of the box DICOM support.
  • Storing visual field reports on the DICOM image server.
  • DICOM Modality Worklist support.
  • GDT interface and custom EMR’s based on text file interface. 
Explore our Features

PTS 925W

Fast Thresholding

Using ZETA™ thresholding algorithms, test your patients in under 3 minutes.

Eye Tracking

Monitor patient pupil movement during examination.

Blink Detection

Our software detects when the eye is closed, and will not present stimuli to the patient.

Head Tracking

Live monitoring and automated adjustments throughout exams.

DPA™ Defect Progression Analysis

Create a baseline and follow disease progression over time.


In the review screen, click on any point during the exam to see the eye position reviewing the test result.

Voice Guide

Voice messages assist operator and patient during the examination.

New 24-2C pattern now available.

Capture 10 additional central field locations with the new 24-2C pattern. 

Light or Dark Mode?

Switch between dark and light view. Reduce eye strain during testing in a darkened room.

Voice Guide Instructions

Let our voice guide provide instructions for the patient during an exam. In 12 different languages.

BluGlow™ light band technology

BluGlow™ light band provides a minimal ambient light to the darkened testing area, providing operator and patient with the ability to navigate their surroundings.

Satellite office ready

Both our perimeters use the same great software. Perfect for seamless training across satellite offices.

Revolutionary value

How can we beat the prices of our competitors?

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Technical Specifications

Examination bowl300 mm radius, spherical, closed type, ventilated
Tested field rangeSuperior – 40° (55° with fixation shift)
Inferior – 40° (55° with fixation shift)
Left to right – 100° (170° with fixation shift)
Testing techniquesStatic perimetry
Stimulus sizes Goldmann III
Stimulus colorswhite
Background illuminationWhite 10 cd/m2 (31,5 asb)
Maximum stimulus intensity10000 asb
Fixation controlGaze tracking
Blink monitoring
Chinrest controlElectrical up-down
Patient response timeSet manually 0,1 to 9,9 s
Adaptive to patient speed
Test fieldsOrthogonal test field patterns
G0-2, 5-2, 10-2, 24-2, 24-2C, 30-2,
30-2C, Sup 44/64, Gandolfo
Test strategiesScreening (Quantify defect, 3-zone, 2-zone)
Threshold (Threshold, Fast Threshold, Advanced Threshold, Dynamic)
ZETA™, ZETA™ Fast and ZETA™ Faster
Special (BSV, Flicker)
Esterman Monocular Test
Esterman Binocular Test
AnalysisSingle field analysis
Result comparison analysis
DPA™ Defect Progression Analysis
Statistical package
ConnectivityDICOM Storage SCU
REVO Structure & Function Interface
Device interfaceUSB 2.0
Dimensions mm (HxWxD)410 x 568 x 410, 9 kg
Operating Voltage100-120 V AC 50-60 Hz or 220-240 V AC 50-60 Hz
Power consumption30 W