REVO FC with Real Time hardware Eye-Tracking

Optopol Technology presents the REVO FC with Real Time hardware Eye-Tracking featuring redesigned OCT optics and Fundus optical systems to provide a better quality of tomograms and fundus photographs.

The modified hardware together with version 11 of the SOCT software provide an array of new functionalities.

The improved Revo FC is a true game-changer for any practice.

New functions

  • Real time eye tracking
  • Auto Flash
  • Selectable photo intensity level (to improve patient comfort and reduce miosis for a shorter time between photos)
  • Auto IR adaptation
  • Anterior photograph
  • Pupil size classifier
  • Fundus optical system, including LED Flash module
  • Pupil size classifier
  • OCT optics for posterior and anterior segment
  • Auto Acquire mode for Fundus photo with fundus IR image position correction
  • Fundus image processing