SOCT Software Version 10.0.1

Optopol Technology has released SOCT software version 10.0.1. Update is available on all REVO devices*.

Key functionalities of the new SOCT Software version 10.0.1:
  • Full Range
    • Anterior Chamber scans
      • Entire Anterior Chamber in a Single Scan with a 5 mm x 16 mm scan window
      • Anterior Chamber analysis; Cornea, Aqueous Depth measurement
      • OCT Gonioscopy and Lens rise for Glaucoma and Cataract diagnostics
    • Posterior Enhanced depth
      • Expanded diagnostics with a 5 mm scan depth for nontypical cases
      • Deep Images of the Retina, Choroid and Vitreous for Highly Myopic Eyes
  • Denoise function powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms Perfect tomogram quality is now achieved without having to acquire and merge multiple tomograms. The revolutionary AI technology delivers images with greatly reduced image noise, increased detail and improved visibility, all within milliseconds.
  • Improved Biometry
    • IOL formulas (Hoffer Q, Holladay I, Haigis, Theoretical T, Regression II)
    • WTW & P (automatic and manual measurement)
  • Updated follow-up
Improved precision in positioning of follow-up examinations
The function of Extracted tomograms allows the user to reliably identify minor changes for improved monitoring of the treatment
  • Updated S&F functionalities
    • New Sectors for more sensitive S&F overlaying
    • Modified algorithm for retina segment abnormality judgement method of NFL loss detection
    • Numerical VF results overlay on the image of the OCT structure
    • Improved patient matching between OCT and VF
  • Auto Fundus registration and Link Fundus examinations
    • Auto registration with Auto detection of the fundus image type – Color, Red Free, FA, FAF, ICG, Other
    • Correlation – Fundus and OCT point to point correlation
    • Link examination – allows the user to link several OCT exams with a single fundus photo
* Contact your local Optopol representative for guidance on upgrading to the newest version.
** Available with REVO 60, REVO 80, REVO FC, REVO NX and REVO NX 130.
Detailed information for existing customers available on request. Contact your local Optopol representative and ask for the Information Note.